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Day after day we are faced with UV, stress, smoking, hormonal disturbances.
These attacks affect the skin, especially on the visible surface of our face: the epidermis. It gets marked with little imperfections and stains. Its surface is changing, pores dilate.
Being a mirror of our health and our emotions, the skin reflects light and makes the face good-looking. By altering it mirrors a duller image.
To erase these marks that are anchored in the skin, there is now a solution: FILORGA PEELING.



A PEELING involves applying an ex-foliating solution on the face,
 neck and décolleté to improve the appearance of the skin by smoothly removing the surface layers of the epidermis.
It is a well-controlled action performed by your doctor, which will act effectively on blemishes, pores and imperfections and promote cell renewal.
Very soon the skin becomes smoother, clearer and the pores are tightened. Finally the whole face starts glowing.