Glykopeel-Kuorinta – The Treatment In Practice

FILORGA PEELINGS are administered in a doctor’s office by a doctor who adapts the protocol (number of sessions, the concentration of peeling) to suit every skin type and desired outcome for the patient.
A session typically lasts about 10 minutes and consists in the successive application of solutions to the skin.
FILORGA PEELINGS don’t cause any social downtime. It is only advised to apply a sunscreen and moisturise the skin for a few days after the peeling.



We take the safety of our products very serious:

It smoothly eliminates dead cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and deeply stimulates cell renewal allowing the emergence of new cells. Skin appears smoother and more beautiful.



FILORGA PEELING is a superficial peeling, well tolerated and perfectly mastered by your doctor, who will adapt the protocol to the sensitivity of your skin and your skin type.